Under 16 Access

Under 16 Access



Children under 16, will only be allowed to access to the venue accompanied by their father, mother or legal guardian (Decree-law 112/2010 of the Generalitat de Catalunya)

Parents of any under 16 attendant to a concert or a show can authorize the access of the child accompanied of an adult under following requirements and steps:

- The authorized legal age of the companion must be 18 (adult)

- Download and print the under 16 authorization of access.

- Parents of the child, must fill in and sign the document and provide with a photocopy of their ID card to the companion of their child. Both documents must be delivered at the venue.

- The ID card of the authorized (companion of the minor) and the under 16 child will be required at the venue. (If the minor doesn’t have an ID, family book will be required)